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Education Champions

Education WORKS Champions used re-training, education and lifelong learning to improve their lives.

The Champions faced different challenges, but stayed focused and reached their goals! They may have gone back to school after dropping out years earlier, re-trained after losing their job, or continued to focus on education and training as they worked.

Our Champions succeeded because of their own drive, and because of the programs and support available in the community. They are inspirations to others, examples of how education and lifelong learning can make a difference.

A Champion could also be someone who does not have recent experience with education, but who succeeded because of his or her past education, and talent: local business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators. Showcasing this talented workforce will help promote Grand Erie as a "centre of learning."



2012 Champions

In our first year of recognizing Education WORKS Champions, we received 21 nominations from the community!

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2013 Champions

Our champions stuck to their goals, despite a wide variety of challenges like illness, personal tragedy or job losses.

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2014 Champions

Everyday people who; built on their skills, improved their job prospects, and followed their passions. 

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2015 Champions

The ‘Class of 2015’ are examples that with hard work, focus, the right support and dedication you can succeed. 

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2016 Champions

Our champions worked hard to overcome numerous obstacles because they wanted to build better lives for themselves. 

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2017 Champions

The ‘Class of 2017’ represent the attitude that it's never too late to learn or to pursue goals. 

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2018 Champions

Our latest champions are a diverse group of people, but they've all used education to improve themselves. 

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